Bulk Updating by file if you dont have a unique id set (yet)

I set up a lot of my listings via ebay or manually, before I spent some time figuring out the bulk lister. Is there a way to update your listings without having your own unique id? If there isn't, is there a straightforward way to bulk update your listings to give them one? I guess one option could be to download all your listings then delete your inventory, update the local csv to have a unique id and then create them all again. Not sure what that does to the pictures though. Thanks! Matt


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  • there is a discussion in chatter under Sixbit -- Tom Holz helped me a lot understanding how to bulk upload - take a look at it and it may help you He uses the id to link the pics to the listing. If you sell on Ebay at fixed price you can also do a sync and it will bring the listings over for you to make active / change price etc. I wish I could help you more but I am not good with CSV files and haven't had time to get more listings up here.
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