sync to eBay

I want to open a store on HipPostcard and want to sync my 10,000 + eBay lots to Hip but I currently sell on eBay using webinterpret that lists my eBay lots in international eBay sites in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Australia. These international listings have their own unique listing numbers and are included in my total eBay store items which increases that number to over 35,000 listings. Is Hip able to sync into my USA listings only or would it sync all my international listings as well. If so, it could create a nightmare for me. As it is now, every time a U. S. lot is sold, eBay automatically ends the corresponding international listings and places them in the unsold folder which I must then manually remove from the unsold list to avoid relisting them when I move true unsold items back into active listings either as fixed priced store items or auction listings. Need a response before I open and subscribe to a HipPostcard store.
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