Photos not matching up.

I just uploaded 600 listing and the photos to go with them. It does not seem any of the listings are finding their matching pictures. I used the same formula that I normally use and everything on my end looks good. Can you guys check on your end and figure out what went wrong?


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  • OK, I figured out my mistake, now I need to delete the old listings before I send the updated ones up. Any suggestions?
  • Ok, I read previous posts and since I have private IDs I should just be able to send the upload with the updated photo names and it should update them.
  • When I try to drag and drop images to upload I get "Unable to connect to backend, HTTP Error 413" I am drag and dropping 1360 images.
  • This morning I tried smaller groups, 1000 did not work, 500 did not work, finally 300 worked. Has there been a change to the limits?
  • 500 seems to be the limit.
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