Awaiting Payment From Buyer

Just started here on Hippostcard Site. And I made my first sale, but problem is still waiting for buyer to pay. It has been 3 days ago. Who do I contact about this situation.


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  • Over the years, both here and on eBay, I've found that there is a sub-set of buyers that simply just don't pay as quickly as we would prefer. In a perfect world, payment would immediately follow a purchase, but this world surely is far from perfect.

    Three days may be a tad early to be concerned. I've had plenty of buyers over the years take anywhere from 5 to 7 days to make payment. Who knows why? It could be someone waiting for their next paycheck, Social Security payment, or whatever. Some buyers are just lazy, I suppose.

    One thing to keep in mind is you risk losing a potential long-term customer by creating an issue too early. FWIW, I have a small group of regular customers on eBay that either take several days to pay, or only pay on a certain day of the week. Over time, you learn to recognize these buyers. Some have been super customers for years.

    I'd give it a few more days before really becoming concerned. If and when that time comes, you could contact the buyer directly to remind him or her of their obligation and/or intentions. The steps involved in getting a final value fee credit can be found at:

    Good luck...hope it works out for you, and at any rate, welcome.
  • Thank you very much I appreciate your feedback/comment. Thanks have a good day too.
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