Does anyone else use Sixbit to organize their inventory?

I currently use Sixbit to manage my inventory. It is pretty seamless to handle eBay sales but it is very clunky to complete a sale from Hip. I was hoping to convince the development team at Sixbit to support HipPostcard but they have not had any other requests. I am wondering what others use to manage their inventory.


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  • I use sixbit too -- and did a request over the summer-- It is one reason I only have a few cards here is I just import from ebay but I can only do that with fixed price. I have emailed back and forth with Jason but I have never found the time to get with him . i would like to be able to use hip more and cross post with facebook But I,m not there yet
  • I Export my new cards into an Excel sheet, then clean them up (add categories and remove code) dump them to a text CSV and import them into HipPostcard. I can export / import 200 - 600 cards in an hour or two of work.Most of that I spend on making sure the categories are right. If you don't want to spent that much time on the categories, just put a "0" in the category and the MAGIC category feature will pick a category based on the title.
  • I have not worked with anything but the basic excel so clean up is what I am trying to figure out -- when you export out of sixbit do you just leave all the columns and rename the ones that get used in hip? or do you just delete the extra columns? and rename the ones left? Its been a month or so since I have looked at it but I am hoping to get back in the next week or so. Maybe someone else will come on with some time saving ideas
  • I am out of town right now. I can send you some screenshots when I get home. How do you number your photos? If you apply a SKU to each item, it makes it a easy if you number the pictures with the same number. Like I said, I'll send you some screenshots next week.
  • that would be great I may play with it a little this weekend--- that has been one of my questions is do I keep the jpeg at the beginning or just numbers.
  • Debbie, I am working ont he tutorial. I should have it done later this weekend. I am creating lots of screen shots trying to make my method easy to understand.
  • thank you so much I, m home with the flu so I doubt I get much done this weekend
  • I just finished the tutorial. It is a lot more complicated once I tried to explain it to some one else. I am assuming that you have some basic knowledge of Excel. if you have questions please feel free to ask. So here we go.
  • Here I have selected the items that I want to export. Not that I have a unique vale int he SKU field.

  • This is what my image folder looks like. I have a separate image of both the front of the back of each card, The front is has an a and the back has a b int he file name.

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    This the export screen and the options you should select.

  • This is what the file should look like when you open it.

  • I add a Category column and fill it with zeros "0". HipPostcard will assign each listing a category based on its description. Change the "eBay Condition Description" to just "Description" and Hip will import it as your description.

  • Now is where it gets a bit involved. To create the proper files names I have to create two files names, one for the front and one for the back. This a really quick way to do that.
  • Hmm it is not letting me add any more images.
  • Send me an e-mail address if you want the rest.
  • Thank you it seems like I could follow you shots but they are not big enough for me to see clearly If you could please email them to me as maybe a pdf then I could enlarge enough to see Thanks for your work Debbie
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