Santa Cruz Hikers of 1912 Hiked from Santa Cruz, CA to Atlantic City, NJ. Sold Postcards On Hike

Request for Information on

The Hikers

Walking From
Santa Cruz, California
to Atlantic City, New Jersey
AND BACK in 1912 and 1913

In 1912 four young men decided to hike across the continent from Santa Cruz, CA to Atlantic City, NJ. Their names were T. Perrin Orchard, Carl M. Kron (my grandfather) and H. H. Doxstater and Leo C. Smith (not in photo.) They were sponsored by the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce and the Santa Cruz Morning Sentinel newspaper. They printed up post cards to sell to raise money along the way. They also brought along an early type of Polaroid camera to make and sell photos. They gave lectures all along the way.
Using I have been able to collect over 50 newspaper mentions of their hike.

I would like to obtain any and all post cards from their hike. I would also like any other information that is out there.

Contact: John Nichols, POB 268, Santa Paula, CA 93061.

1. Post Card of "The Hikers" in Santa Cruz
2. Post Card of T.P. Orchard and C.M. Kron on the Hike Back
3. Post Card of Three Hikers Wearing Cal Berkeley Sweaters
4. Real Photo Post Card of Hike from Los Angeles to Boston with Carl M. Kron and Phillip E. Campbell (Pre-Atlantic City Hike if is assumed)
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