Scanner & Software recommendations

My scanner / printer died, and the new one I bought has really crappy software. I was wondering what everyone else uses for a scanner and if you use aftermarket scanner software. I bought a Brother 920DW scanner, but the moire pattern on many of the color cards was unacceptable.
Any help would be appreciated,


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  • Just last week I bought an HP Envy 5055 AIO machine after my old dinosaur of a 10-year-old Dell AIO finally went belly up. A friend of mine who is in the computer business recommended it to me, but I must admit, the small size and low price had me a bit concerned ($50US at Walmart). Trusting my friend, I bought the machine despite my concerns and am more than happy that I did. The 5055, unlike my Dell, is wireless and the setup was a snap (you can either download the software or HP will send you a disc if you prefer). Another neat feature is HP and the machine communicate, so HP sends you ink before you run out (there are three plans available, and if you don't print too many pages, one plan supplies free ink for the life of the machine !). Navigation is intuitive and a snap; printing and scanning are both super sharp. I can't say enough good things about the 5055 (given that I've only had for a week, but I've scanned a mountain of items with it already).
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