Rose City Antiques

Based out of Springfield Ohio. Member of the International Federation Postcard Dealer. I am delighted to bring you a great selection of Towns and Topic Views that you love at reasonable pricing.

My name is Steve Hirtzinger. I'm a proud member of the IFPD (International Federation of Postcard Dealers.) I've been collecting and selling postcards for the last 13 years and full time for the last 3. I'm a big fan of the small town and early undivided views. As well as the bright linen advertisements from the 1940's and 1950's usually the Curt Teisch publisher out of Chicago. I love collecting and going to postcard shows. Talking and learning about the trade of Deltiology. Feel free to message me. I don't always know the answer. However, will do my best to find out. Thanks for stopping by! Best Regards and God Bless -Steve

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