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  • Hi Paul, Send me a note with the seller's username and I will follow-up with them: support@hippostcard.com Once you send the pre-approval request, the seller would need to go to Members Area > Messages and respond to your message and check the …
  • Hi Thomas, I just sent you an email to follow-up in regards to the listing process. Here are the basics: Step 1) On the Delcampe website, export your listings from the Members Area, using the "Delcampe Lister CSV File Format" - this may not be t…
  • Hello Cindy, If you have a premium store on Delcampe, you can take 1 minute each week (or however often you like) to ensure proper inventory control across Delcampe and HipPostCard. You would simply Export a CSV version of your Delcampe Listings u…
  • Hi John, We will be ramping up HipPostCard marketing efforts very shortly. That being said, if you would be interested in sending a newsletter to help boost sales, email me: support@hipecommerce.com Best, Justin
  • Hi Charles, If you plan to sell on multiple Hip sites (www.hipstamp.com, www.hippostcard.com, www.hipcomic.com) you will need to open a store on each site which starts at $5/month. Here is a more detailed breakdown on our store levels: Premium …
  • Hello, I would be more than happy to walk you through our bulk lister process to keep inventory correct across multiple sites. Please email me support@hipecommerce.com. While we do not have a set time for the API to release, the bulk lister proces…