Can you show backs too please?

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It seems most sellers are not making use of the Condition section accurately.
Most postcards are noted as 'other' when in fact they are postally used or unused. I like buying used cards - postmarked with stamps and with writing on the back as it tells so much more about the history of a place.
Clicking 'used' under condition is useless as very few cards come up in the search.
It is very time-consuming having to open each card to view the back. Can you add an option to 'show backs' like other postcard sites like for example so you can instantly see the front and back of the card?
This would make searching and buying so much easier for folks like me who only buy used cards.
Another suggestion: post guidelines and educate sellers about the various conditions of cards and encourage them to make better use of the 'condition' feature. Thanks lots!


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  • OK, so its been a bit slow growing my store, so traffic has been a bit light as a result, but fwiw, I have over 300 used cards available, and my 'used' button works :)

    As a collector, I do like the idea of being able to see both sides of cards simultaneously.
  • George...Why dont you do 3 scans ....
    1 the front
    2 The reverse
    3 a blow up of the date and postmark....

    That may get more traffic
  • Delcampe has this feature . . .
  • Yes. Sellers should have to show front and back of all postcards.
    HipPostcard should make this mandatory.
  • I always show the front and back with hopefully enough resolution so you can zoom into the postmark or wherever you like....
  • As a collector, I like to see the backs of postcards. Much useful information can be gleaned from the backs. I prefer buying from sellers that make the effort to show both sides. When I can see the back, I know exactly what I’m buying. Thanks

  • Can you imagine offering products for sale online And only showing HALF of the product? But that is what happens too often when only picture side is shown. There is no need to for close-ups or a lot of work in Condition description etc if sellers would simply Show The Address Side, Too.
    Then there is the frustration of buyers like me who have to spend so much time stumbling over all the cards visited one-by-one to find the Used back side is not shown. It does make one think about going elsewhere! Thanks for considering my complaint.
  • I will not buy a card that does not show the back - same with covers on hipstamps
  • Sure! Here's a brief comment about the back of an object: "The back of the object reveals a hidden side, often unnoticed. It holds its own secrets, textures, and intricacies, complementing the front. Sometimes neglected, it deserves appreciation for completing the full picture and adding depth to its overall beauty."
  • Always show the reverse of the card. Doesn't get many sales, but I still do it. Maybe if i offer more variety.
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