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I have placed my credit card information several times but each time I try to check out all I get is "We aren't able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please go back to merchant and try using a different payment method." I don't wish to use PayPal. I want to use my credit card, but for some reason your website insists that I'm wanting to use PaPal. I have made sure to check the credit card option each time but to no avail. What's wrong?


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  • Are you sure that your seller accepts credit cards? Not all do, and this may be the issue.
  • I don't know. If I could figure out how to contact the seller I could ask, but their is no contact information either. I have attempted to purchase from several sellers using the credit card to no avail. It's hard to believe none of them accept credit cards.
  • The best suggestion I have left is hitting the 'contact us' button at the bottom of this page and opening up a ticket. The staff are pretty good at responding to these promptly as opposed to this message board which, as you can see, is really slow.
  • I actually found out the problem. When you hit the credit card option apparently you have to go through PayPal to choose the credit option. Why? I have no idea. Why have the credit card option if you have to go thru PayPal anyway to use credit?
  • Beats me, and it does seem rather odd, but I guess each site has its own quirks and it takes time to figure out the navigation. I'm just a small seller here (more of a hobbyist than a dealer) and only accept PayPal as it seemed like an easy way for buyers to pay (I normally use them when I buy myself). Why the aversion towards PayPal? (not being judgmental, just curious). Anyway, I'm glad you were able to figure it out ! (in case you want to sniff around my store...)
  • I think that if you want to use a payment method other than Paypal, first you have to get the sellers permission to use a non Paypal payment method( I didn't make up this rule - It's a Hip rule). Once the seller has given his or her blessing then you can pay using cheques, money orders, cash and if the seller has his or her own credit card merchant setup, by credit card. I happen to have my own credit card merchant facilities and would welcome any buyers that don't want to use Paypal. Stop by at my postcard store at and have a look.
  • When you checkout on HipPostcard, you have the option to checkout and pay with either PayPal, or directly with a credit card. Credit card payments are processed through PayPal, but there's no need to have a PayPal account. On HipPostcard, when you click to pay with a credit card, you'll see a note explaining this as well.
  • Hi guys, You may have hit a credit limit, expiration date, or an errant keystroke. A merchant 'hold' or issuer 'freeze' may also be to blame.
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    Hi guys
    I think,If someone is unable to use their credit card, it may be due to a variety of reasons such as insufficient funds, a blocked account, or a technical issue.
  • Thanks @Mark Rosenberg for clearing our doubts. I was thinking it requires PayPal account for the payment. But you were right. I didn't ask me for my PayPal account and the payment using the credit card was successful. Thanks again.
    Regards, whatsapp gb
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