I have not been paying much attention to my store over here (it's obvious). I was thinking of running some auctions instead of store listings but there sure aren't many so I am not sure they would be noticed - am I missing something ?



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  • I ran a couple of auctions; they did not pan out. I received two nice store orders from Germany within days of each other. Quite happy...
  • Nobody was doing any auctions when I started. Then, I guess I got the movement off and running. I sell somewhere else, too and my stuff goes through there cause it gets a larger market and more people fight over them. Then, I put them up here for 10 days in auction. I have more bidders here now. It is also easier to list here. My only issue is people bidding and then not paying for items they have won. Like they just don't care, as it is some kind of game to them.
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