New Home Page?

Anyone seeing a new and "improved (HAHAHAHA) Home Page?
I don't even see a button for going to My Store.
Navigation is poor.


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    No one will be fooled by a new skin. What a hot mess. Wrong time of year to pull this stunt. Buyers will be a bit lost too.

    Wasted time tonight trying to find a direct way to get to My Store, as you say George. Where did Members Area go to??? Seller tools? Sales stats? Buried under Menu apparently.

    At least provide us with a) an announcement, b) documentation!!! Another way to drive a few more sellers away?
  • I just wasted 20 minutes trying to find the forums - this is insane. I never even had to ask a question on Stampwants or Bidstart. Why are they making it a game to hide all the tools we use all the time.

    God help us if they screw with Hipstamp - it is a mess now.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop trying to drive us insane ..
  • Yes , new site layout with just over a month to go before xmas what a time to be fooling around with the site.This is the exact reason i came here to sell from Ebay, they just cannot leave well alone, have to continuously make "improvements".Can't see how the new layout can be anything but a confusing mess for both buyer and sellers.Own goal HipPOSTCARDS!
  • Took me quite a while but I found a quick way to get to my store listings. Remarkably, although not obvious, it is IMO better than before. Find the Menu button and go to Listings.....

    As far as the rest of the "improvements", eh... sucks. I manually put my cards in, so if I use the "new and improved" listing mechanism I am clicking all over the place. Now with the "New Improvements" they have even messed up the "Classic" way of entering a listing. Awful.
  • Frustrating. Very poor timing-- especially with no advance notice to members (sellers and buyers). I spent a fair amount of time stumbling through and finally located the areas I was trying to access. I doubt, however, that all buyers will be so patient. Frankly, we had no real problem with the system as it was before the "new, improved" version. I wish the IT efforts were going into creating the option to list our items in two categories for easy cross-reference when searching. It WILL improve sales-- we had this great feature back on and it was very effective.
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