Do International Buyers Purchase on HipPostcard?

I am curious to know if International buyers use HipPostcard. Perhaps veteran sellers here have some insights?


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  • Hi
    So far approx 95% of buyers are from US (primarily), UK and Canada. Best
  • You can check the site's audience by geogprahy on similarweb for instance. It's free. So this is actually 85% for these 3 countries (incl US 75%). This is even more concentrated on histamp.
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    Yes, they do. I've had buyers from Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, and Germany in the past few months. Most are from Canada & UK. Some are repeat buyers placing multiple item orders. It helps there are international sellers here too. Some of their customers probably follow them here and buy from other sellers on the platform.
  • @Brent McClintock Thank you ...that is good to know. I might make an adjustment tweak.
  • @CPAPHIL...that SimilarWeb reference was most interesting. Thanks for that.
  • you are welcome Ronald.... (and Brent too! saw your comment for the sync thing.... it is most welcome for a lot of users i guess). Also.... they are doing their best and everyone has its own limits. So stay positive (even if sometimes things can be shaky.... hip is supposed to have better values among its 'community'... and its staff too!). Best ! F
  • for the international exposure.... guess hip has not fully exposed its strategy nor fully defined plans yet, but it seems exposure is gradually expending.... it is smooth though, and takes time.... on top of other initiatives they may have looking ahead....
  • Technically HipCommerce is one of the best, if not the best, collectibles sites. Over the years, through name changes and so, it has been also one of the most receptive and responsive to seller needs. That's why I keep working here through the short term issues. There's usually a fix and often a better way of doing things.
  • My sales are similar to others. A few international buyers here and there. Mostly US..

    As far as staying here... So far sales don't lie..... at least for me. I only have around 600 cards listed and my sales are easily double that other site. The killer lately is the increase in the PayPal fees... When you charge on the low end of the spectrum, it absolutely eats into my skinny profits in a big way. Some of the changes in the last month or two have been painful for me at least trying to get things listed in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully it will improve.
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