Hey Hip BIgwigs.....How about Some Communication or Transparency Here?

Aside from the vague notification on the members page, you've given us nothing. I'm paying a subscription fee to you based on the feature of a functioning sync feature. Cross-listing and managing several thousand listings is a bit cumbersome when you have to do everything manually. I feel like your sellers have been pretty patient up until this point, but patience is wearing thin when you leave us in a vacuum like you are. At the minimum, I think it is time you come to us with some detail about how and why our businesses are currently being impacted and provide us with some expectations as what is to come as we ramp upt the biggest sales quarter of the year.

Thank you in advance for your public response.


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  • Don't hold yer breath.
    Complaints have been rampant on HipPostCard's sister site, HipStamp, for several days. The response from management? <<crickets>>
  • Check the Oct. 24th announcement and the eBay sync page under Selling>Selling Tools>eBay sync. At least they've got the bulk editor up & running for taking down eBay listings sold on HP. When I ran it, I was happy to find I'd manually closed all of them. Next time round I'll run the bulk editor to take down a sold or ended HP listing to see how well it works. Watch for a bulk editor or something like it to transfer over new eBay listings. Not ideal I know, but this may be all eBay permits. It'll certainly end up losing sellers here and sales. Buyers may be starting to drift away too not seeing lots of fresh listings going up. The mega stores here have their own APIs for managing all this, I think. As for communication, yeah, as George says, don't expect much. It's always been this way in three incarnations of this site that I've been on. For others, it's four incarnations (StampWants).
  • Hi Matthew,

    Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.

    We recently updated our Sync with eBay page on HipPostcard, to provide Sellers, like yourself, with additional details and status updates on this issue. You can find the latest information on this page: https://www.hippostcard.com/members/tools/ebay-sync

    For further assistance, you can reach us directly at support@hipecommerce.com.

    Thank you again for your continuing patience and support.

    Best regards,
    Hip Support
  • 1) Last update was nearly 2 weeks ago
    2) How is this this transparency? How is this actual information about what to expect moving forward

    All this is is instrcutions how I as a seller can spend extra time working around your issue. that is not at all what this post asked for.

    Also your response came more than a full week after the post.
    How about you tell us what is actually going on and stop pulling the wool over our eyes?
  • Is there any work around for adding new listings without doing them individually? I am looking into sixbit software to export all my listings and them import them here. I am not familiar with the program so it may take a little time. I have not had a new listing on HP since the 12th and that is very frustrating. I only opened a store here because of the sync feature. What is more frustrating are the marketing emails I receive about all the new cards listed on HP knowing none of those are mine.
  • @connie kraft If HP has one weakness, it is with listing items. Since the demise of Turbo Lister on eBay, there are other programs that have tried to fill the void. InkFrog seems to be one that is touted.

    I use the Bulk Lister on HP; it's okay ..but somewhat time consuming. I have not figured how to insert photos in my listings despite several attempts. That being so, once the cards appear in the store, I have to go back in and insert the picture for each card. Like you, I am baffled by seeing all these hundreds of new cards regularly posted by HP.
  • Ronald,

    I believe they have a tutorial on using the bulk lister. (I am not sure that you have seen it yet.)

    On the bulk lister page near the top it has this line.

    Upload listings in bulk using a csv file that follows a set structure as detailed on the "Fields" tab. For help getting started, please review the Bulk Lister Instructions.

    If you click on bulk lister instructions (That's a link) it will take you to the tutorial) On that page their is a link that's images and it will take to to the instructions on how to add pictures. It's fairly simple to do as I use the bulk lister and I don't have to add any pictures to the listings afterwards.
  • Ronald,
    Thanks for the tip on InkFrog, I am checking into that. I am not sure how the bulk lister would work for me since I create all of my listings in the ebay app, I just don't understand it that well. I have spent more time over the last few weeks trying to find a cross listing app that will work with HP and I am exhausted. List Perfectly is a great app unfortunately HP is not on their list. I am so disappointed with HP at the moment, still no update form staff. Ending listings is not my issue, I want to be able to get my new listings on HP. My sales on here have really suffered, not that I was was making a fortune, however it was a nice little profit. My store renewed for the year just as this happened and that is frustrating as well. I don't want to add another monthly subscription in order to have a way to sync my ebay listings to HP it just is not worth the cost for the few sales.
  • It appears the ebay sync is still not working as far as transferring new listings from ebay to hip.As this was pretty much the biggest reason for me to open an account on here i will now be carefully considering my options.
  • Any news about getting this fixed?
  • Nothing since the initial post. I still don't understand why the only platform that is having trouble with sync is HP. I sync my store with other sites and there has been no interruption. Seems very strange, maybe it stems around ebay not getting paid (that is what has been suggested by others). The forum on the stamps site has more upset sellers than here.
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    Great News, it appears there has been a change. I have new listings syncing as of November 12th, nothing since. Very promising, I hope it continues.
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    New listings sync started Friday evening Nov 12th. Updated again last evening or today. It looks like there's a daily upload of new eBay listings. Updated again just now around 5 pm CST Nov 15.

    ALERT! ALERT!!! Some HORRIBLE mis-categorization going on eg New Mexico listing going into Mexico category on HP; A Chicago postcard with "St Vincent De Paul" going into HP's Caribbean>St Vincent. I don't have time to edit all these individually. Sure hope buyers can find them by key word searching!!! What a mess.
  • That's been an issue here and especially on HipStamp, even when doing direct single listings. Ya always have to watch what the autofill does. Not doing synch even though I also sell on eBay (and what a relief that I don't), I can't imagine the amount of editing that will be required by those that do...
  • Brent, As of now I am only showing listings from the 13th, nothing new from yesterday or today, but so much better than not at all. In regards to categories, sync has always been a total nightmare since day 1 (over a year ago) I just didn't have the time to edit all of them. I mean the majority of them fell into the Africa category. I was just hoping they would adjust along the way with each sync.
  • Well, perhaps I just noticed. But, that said, before eBay's tossing categories for postcards in October, most of my eBay listings at least mapped to the correct state, country, or topic category on Hip, if no to the exact sub-category or city. Now it's random.

    Connie, the sync of new listings may not yet be happening daily for each store as I didn't see any updates on Saturday in my listings here.
  • Happy to say my listings are syncing simultaneously now and the few I checked are sorting properly.
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