Looking at an opportunity (or it could be my biggest mistake)

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I will just start out by saying that I have never sold or bought a postcard in my life. In fact, I opened an account on here just so I could ask this question. I have been buying and selling various items online under different accounts for probably 20 years. Just got a store account on eBay about five months ago. Anyway, I came across a large lot of postcards and I was pondering the idea of buying them. I am not afraid to pay for an education when I don't know about a particular niche that I want to explore. However, this would be a huge investment of money and time. The biggest in my online selling "career". To the people in this forum with much more experience than I have...what recommendations would you have for me on purchasing a huge lot postcards from an estate sale where they state the person was a "collector"? Is there a price per piece that you would be looking to get the lot for?


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  • I have been lax in listing and checking the forums for awhile so I just saw this. I am a small seller but a big buyer in the past. The most important thing I can think of is that if it is a huge collection it may be years for you to get your money back. I bought a very large collecton several years ago and it took 2 years to get most of my money back. ( I quit keeping taps when I had it all paid for) But a large volume dealer might be able to make a profit under a year. I think most dealers will pay under a 1.00 a card and closer to .15 -.25 for a big lot
  • I have been buying/trading/selling picture postcards for more than 40 years. It is very difficult to gauge what a postcard collection is worth. You did not say where you "came across this large lot of postcards." If this was on eBay, be cautious. There are other factors too. Postcards that are pre-1940 sell very well; pre-1960 cards are also okay, but you need to look carefully. If the postcards are after 1960 (especially chrome cards), they can be purchased cheaply everywhere. I attended a Postcard Show in late September. I came home with a few hundred cards I picked out from the $0.25 boxes for my collection or swaps. I only sell modern cards here.

    The other factor is that when purchasing a mixed lot, you may find good cards amidst loads of common cards. One time I purchased a lot of Linen postcards on eBay; while sorting it, I found a postcard of Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, NY. I turned around and resold that card on eBay for $15.00; the card cost me $0.35.
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