eBay sync has been down for weeks... Is this because of the eBay category changes with postcards?

Would love to see this working again.

Message on hip:

eBay Sync Issue: Due to an external issue, outside of our control, the eBay Sync feature is currently disabled. The means that items and sales are not presently syncing over. Our team is actively working on a resolution, which we hope to implement in the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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  • It hasn't been down "for weeks". It's more like a week. It broke about late Wednesday or Thursday, Sept 29 or 30th.

    It's unlikely to have anything directly to do with eBay postcard category changes as eBay hasn't implemented those yet.

    Many of us are waiting for restoration of the sync. It comes at a real cost to sellers. Better information flows from HP would be appreciated as to what's broken and just how long it's expected to fix it - "a few days" has become a week. Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Literally just received this comment from Hip support.
    "At this time, we are unable to provide a specific time when this will be resolved. However, you can rest assured that our team is working actively to restore our eBay Sync as soon as possible".
    Doesn't sound like very soon to me. Store now closed as I do not have the time to manually delete so many listings.
  • hi
    seems problem has been fixed !
  • Not exactly! HP still has to figure out how to upload existing eBay listings to HP.

    For now, only newly created eBay listings and edited existing listings will get uploaded to HP.
    BUT critically when items are sold on one site, they will be ended on the other.

    At least, that's how I read this message on the HP sync page. It would help if HP communicated the changes being made!!!

    "Do you have an active ebay store?

    If so, you can automatically sync all of your postcards and related fixed-price listings from ebay through Sync Squid - for no additional fee! With Sync Squid, when an item sells on Hip, the item will be automatically closed or the quantity updated accordingly on ebay, and vice versa. Additionally, any new items listed on ebay, or updates to your existing listings, will automatically be synced to Hip.

    Note: Unfortunately, we cannot yet import existing ebay listings. However, we are working to provide a solution for this soon."
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    Existing items that were sold here have been taken down and marked (SOLD) on eBay which is great. However newly made listings are still not importing as they should. I renewed token but still nothing new.
  • Sync down again as of Oct. 13. See notice in Members Area of your store. Problem is at eBay end we're told.
  • I wonder why it is only Hip that is having this issue? I sync to a couple sites from ebay and there have been no interruptions from them. What frustrates me is that I ended hundreds of listings on ebay and did sell similar to get the items on hip when this was supposed to have been fixed. I will now have to do this again when they find another solution. We have to spend a lot of time manually deleting items from hip that have sold on other platforms and now again we are getting no new items imported. I have only been on Hip for a bit over a year, has this happened in the past or a reoccurring problem?
  • Connie, there were one or two sync problems early on here on HipPostcard but these two recent disruptions are the longest & biggest (affecting many more sellers & listings because the site is much bigger now) since then that I can remember (I've been here since it started, BidStart before that).

    Overall, HP is technically far superior to any of the half dozen venues I've sold postcards on over the years. I just wish HP were more transparent and communicative when there are problems.
  • Brent, Thank you, I appreciate your response. I hope HP gets this under control soon. I do agree I wish they would be more transparent on why this is happening. I emailed support the when this occurred a couple weeks ago, while they were apologetic they didn't provide any answers.
  • Connie, - and now we receive today's (18th) announcement. It reads as if there have been both technical and "non-technical" issues - eBay running interference, I suspect now. After all, why would eBay want fresh listings there being synced over to HP? Maybe they can strike a deal. eBay likes money and not much else. If eBay can crush something it will. That includes driving multiple categories on its site into a brick wall.
  • Brent, I totally agree with you. I wonder if they are choosing to be difficult now because of the category changes. Most postcard sellers are not pleased and they may fear losing them, however if they were so concerned they wouldn't have made the changes to begin with. Unfortunately for me, I only opted to list on HP for the import feature, not sure I would want to create 2 listings each time. I looked in to list perfectly however they do not offer HP as an option. Hopefully HP can work something out with ebay, I honestly cannot imagine ebay is losing that many sales to HP. These buyers most likely do not like to shop on ebay.
  • Connie, Mark R. who owns HipCommerce - HipPostcards, HipStamps, HipComics - knows full well the sync with eBay is critical to most sellers in persuading them to list on the Hip venues so you can bet he'll be working hard to find ways to get things restored or moved to a more stable basis. Few of us who get beyond a couple of hundred listings want to create double listings and/or manually close listings on the other site when something sells. Mark is a resourceful guy, including on the technical front. If there's a way, he'll probably find it - and another way as well. ;)
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