Shipping with tracking or no tracking.

Is it acceptable to mail inexpensive postcards on HIP using USPS without tracking?

On Ebay, they basically require tracking which makes it more expensive to the buyer.

So, I am wondering if I sold postcards via HIP, is it ok to mail inexpensive postcards without tracking?

Thank you in advance!


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  • Hello Barbara,

    You can ship inexpensive postcards via first mail rate without tracking in the US. On international shipments it's the UPU and USPS that are requiring by law that all merchandise MUST be shipped by at least first class parcel rate.

  • Thank you for your response. I should have been more clear. I only ship in the US. Ebay prefers we use tracking, so wondering what HIP's stance is on this ?
  • Ebay and Paypal are the 2 that would require it as the payments are passing through them and it is part of the sellers protection as it is proof of shipping and delivery. HIP doesn't really have a policy on it one way or the other. The only thing that a seller needs to be aware of is that if a low value item goes missing without tracking Paypal will not back the seller.
    Hippostcard generally won't get involved in it if the shipment should get lost for some reason.

    I have been with HIP for almost 16 years and I don't use tracking on lower value shipments either.
  • Thank you very, very much!
  • I no longer sell on eBay. When I did, any lots less than 75-100 cards I shipped First Class Mail with no tracking. On HIP, I send single or several cards via First Class Mail without tracking.
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