EBAY changes. Looks like it might affect HIP ?

In Ebay's Seller Update, it appears they will be moving postcards around.

What seems really bad (and more work for postcard sellers ) is under the category of "POSTCARDS"

Ebay will be removing all the subcategories and will depend on item specifics given by Seller.

Change will go into effect sometime around mid October! Right in time for the busy season!!

The Auction Professor on Youtube offers his insights.

Also, as a seller AND a buyer of postcards, I'm wondering if one can just browse or will the buyer also have to be specific in their search?

Just does not sound good! Hopefully, I am reading or interpreting this all wrong.
Your thoughts?


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  • I just posted in questions about this. It looks to me like you will need good item specifics and more key word in title. And I run out of space as it is!
  • Just a general observation. After many, many years...On February 1, 2021 I made the decision to stop selling postcards on eBay. This is not a knock against those sellers who find that platform useful. But for the types of cards I sell and baffling decisions by management made it easy to walk away.
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