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I just found out that Ebay is only having 2 categories for postcards now. And people will search by item Topographical Postcards 262042 and Non-Topographical Postcards 262043. So key works in title will be the only way to search in the future. Does anyone know how this will work syncing to Hip?


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  • 1) On eBay, item specifics will be the new way of categorizing. The search engine will pick up what sellers put in item specifics - and supposedly - will assist buyers find the postcards they're looking for. Keep packing your titles full of key words and anyone still putting commas etc in their titles, save title real estate for letters that can actually be searched!

    2) HP has some work ahead of it mapping categories or now item specifics across from eBay. They were already doing a poor job, eg everything in Michigan category just gets mapped to HP as Michigan-other through the sync.

    First, however, HP has to fix the big, broken sync that's been out about 3 days so far. What little news is being shared suggests eBay did something to disrupt the sync process, but as usual everyone is being coy about the cause of the problem.
  • Do you mean we should not put commas in our titles? Thanks
  • I find myself using commas just so titles read grammatically correctly, but as Brent mentioned, one is using up space in doing so. Oftentimes I'll revise a title before hitting the 'list' button to remove a comma or two just to make it possible to add another key word that the search engine might pick up on.
  • Rebecca Fransway - yes, I mean don't use commas in titles. It's wasted "real estate" in terms of characters and Google search & other search engines don't like the use of them.
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