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Are sellers migrating from ebay with the new managed payments and other changes? When I sell any card I include a business card with my hip id on it and encourage the buyer to check out the site. I hope that if I decide to leave Ebay that I will have people following me here which can only help everyone


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  • Yes-- this is a great place to be because collectors are purposely shopping here. People will follow you if you invite them to. Don't forget, you'll also benefit from the traffic already stimulated and developed by all of us other dealers who have been building our marketing base for years.
  • Not sure UK sellers are migrating from Ebay yet. Just a question of time though.
    Personally I think it makes good business sense to sale on multiple sites.
    Although we have only been here a short time our sales have been increasing all the time. Not everyone leaves feedback so this can be misleading. All of our customers get information about Hip Postcard. This is at least 700+ people a month. Hopefully some of our customers will also purchase from dealers who have far less listings. There are a lot of smaller sellers that need support and encouragement through sales to stick with Hip Postcard for the long term. This should be viewed as a team effort.
  • Thanks for your answers What you both have said is what I am thinking too. working in a small family business we have found over the years to not put all the eggs in the same basket. We use multi vendors to keep them on their toes and do Commercial and residential work so that if one segment gets slow hopefully the other keeps us afloat . I am wanting to follow that model selling but time is not my friend
  • ebay has one important thing going for it that HipPostcard for now does not - ebay's reminders are constant that another Picture should be added when the seller has posted only one. For Postcard buyers like me, it is so frustrating and discouraging to have to visit so many used postcards only to find the Address side is not pictured. In the past couple years the situation on ebay has improved greatly, I spent a few hours the other day on new research and it was a pleasant buying trip. But then on HipPostcards for three days now, it has been very discouraging. If you simply type in a search year like 1976 (in USA, from USA) about 600 results come up -- of all the used, about HALF are without address side shown. There's no way to tell without visiting Each One!
  • Sorry that so many do not have the backs shown. I'm not sure why cause so many people buy for the stamp , cancel, or the story it tells You are cutting out a lot of buyers by not showing the back. Good luck buying
  • That drives me nuts too because aside from cards, I collect NJ postmarks. Many of my unique old town postmarks are on postcards because they were saved!
  • I bid eBay goodbye on Fe. 1, 2021; this after a presence of almost 21 years. The huge change that did me in was the "Buy It Now - Good Till Cancelled" fiasco. Attaching a business card with your HIP ID is a great idea, Debbie. I hope they follow you...
  • Hi, I am thinking about joining and linking my ebay account. Postcards on Ebay have Ebay standard shipping connected to them. How would that work with people buying on this site? Is there a phone number for this site to ask questions to a rep?
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