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I started my store on June 4th, 2 weeks ago and not one sale so far I am thinking of just closing up shop, anyone else that has a new store that hasn't made one sale yet?


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  • There are a few factors involved here, and I feel your pain, and mind you this is coming from a small store owner who had the same angst as you a while ago. I took a look at your store. You've got some real neat stuff, you show the backs of your cards, and your shipping cost is reasonable. Here are some thoughts.
    -I've been told that the more cards one has in their store, the more likely it is you'll get browsers and then buyers. If you look at some of the bigger players here, that statement is probably true. At a little over 200- listings, you're definitely on the low end of the scale (I have 700, and that's still low, comparatively).
    -Sales for me tend to come in spurts. I haven't had any sales this month here either, but suddenly a few will sell on one or two days. I'm mostly on HipStamp and eBay where I'm doing fine and have a ton of cards to list. I just need to find the time to list them.
    -you picked one heck of a time to open shop ! Generally, once summer weather arrives, people blow off collecting some to enjoy outdoor activities. Now with the Wuhan restrictions being lifted, folks are itching to get outside adding to the drop in interest.

    I would hang tight for a while. Try to get your inventory up, maybe throw a few "teasers" with give-away prices into the mix, and pray for snow LOL It took a while for me to start seeing some sales here. Good luck !
  • Hi Tracy,
    I am happy to add my advice for what it’s worth. The first thing to say is ‘Never give up’. I also totally agree with the kind comments from George.
    1. Grow the number of listings
    2. List a diverse range of subject and topographical postcards at a range of different prices. Not everyone has the same interests or budgets.
    3. Offer first rate customer service through quick postage, quality packaging and prompt friendly communication.
    4. Actively promote your store with flyers being added to sales from other selling platforms. Advertise through social media.
    5. Have competitive postcard prices and offer multi buying deals if possible.
    6. As an initial smaller store get more involved with any forums so you stand out from the crowd.
    7. Make comments and suggestions to this seller platform to ask what they are doing to help you with sales. They need you as much as you need them.
    7. If you have done all of these things and still no sales then just be patient. Like George has said other factors that you cannot control may be at play. We have over 80,000 listings and we have quiet periods.
    Good luck with sales. Wishing you well. ‘Never give up’

  • Thanks guys
  • I have almost 50,000 items on ebay and the same here.
    Tons of sales on ebay and stretches of 3-5 days without sales here.
    eBay just has the traffic. But hip is worth the effort, if you have a listign process that does not create too much extra work.
    I sell over $6,000/month on ebay and most months way below $400 here. But you do get the occasional big sale here, so I am sticking around.
  • Very helpful advise for new people to the platform!
  • Informative! thanks for sharing this..

  • I also just opened my store recently. After a presence of almost 21 years on eBay, I made the decision to leave that platform; I did not have a store there however. eBay made a number of policy changes to the detriment, in my opinion, of the seller.

    But I won't make this a rant about eBay. I am excited about building my business here. I sincerely believe it has a lot of potential. I think many of the veteran sellers here have made excellent observations about this site:

    ► A large number of listings get more eyeballs
    ► Card prices should reflect market prices
    ► Superior customer service enhances sales.

    I don't know where I saw it, but about 4 years ago, someone lamented about "slow sales." Someone affiliated with HipPostcard (not a seller) made an interesting observation: to increase visibility of your store, you might, on occasion, run auctions. As a buyer on eBay of other things, I often would review auctions and then "See seller's Other Items" which are in their store. I did this the past couple of weeks, but my efforts flopped. But I haven't discarded that idea.

    Lastly, I saved most of my invoices from past eBay customers alerting them to my store here. Yes, a long shot. But you never know. Best wishes on your endeavors, Tracy.
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