Categories, are they really important?

I am just getting my store up and running and I synced a few of my postcards from eBay. I noticed that some of the categories are not what I would have chosen. Should I go back and correct them or should I just let them go as is. Do most people search by category, or do they just type what they want in the search bar? Also, can I list a postcard in two categories?


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  • If you're syncing from ebay, you shouldn't make changes to your items on HipPostcard, including changing categories, since any changes you make would be overwritten periodiocally because the items are kept in sync with ebay.

    Currently, you can only list postcards in 1 category, but we're reviewing allowing an additional category in the future (or perhaps adding an Item Specific field for topic). However, any changes aren't planned for the near future.

    However, you may note that some items synced from ebay are placed in Other / Unsorted. We've made some improvements to this recently, and you should see those items moved to more appropriate categories over the next week or two.
  • Ok, I don't list a ton on eBay, only a portion each month. I plan to send my cards up using a csv file. I have about 6000 cards, and I only list 250-500 a month on eBay. We will see how it works. Thanks for the help.
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