Close-Up Photo Function Not Working

I've received several "New Listing" e-mails and looked forward to finding possible new purchases. However, when I select one (no matter what dealer is sending the e-mail), the enlarged picture is missing. Needless to say, I can't read the small images under the now empty box. Can you fix that? I can't place any orders unless I can clearly identify the card I'm looking at. P.S. The enlarged image is also missing when I do a search directly on your website. Nancy Cook


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  • For a while, there was a message that was aware of the problem and was fixing it. Now that message has disappeared but the problem still exists. Is there anyone on your end that can fix it or should I just stop hoping and not bother to look at your site anymore. Please contact me at to let me know. Nancy Cook (You might also want to let your dealers know they'll be losing a customer.)
  • Close up would only work when viewing the listing. Don't think there would be any way to make it work within an email.
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