Sales Tax: Where can I get the total that customers spent in 2020.

Can anyone help tell me where can I get the total that customers spent in 2020 on sales tax for my state. Alan


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  • From what I can tell, manual. You basically need to go to ( and then manually look. Pain.

    But THIS YEAR keep it on a spreadsheet and at the end of the year you'll have it.

    I know other sites you can run a report for the year and then it comes back as a CSV, then you can total it up easy.

    I am a small seller on this site but this year I am adding several thousand listings so I suspect it will become an issue for me as well.
  • Hi. You can create the report yourself. Go to seller tools and then click on reports. You can then use the dropdown menu to select what report you want to run and enter the start and end dates. It will take a few minutes to generate, but once its done hip sends you an email that it is ready to download.
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