Sort by lowest price first needs to include s+h!!!

I have free s+h thus a little higher minimum for my items than others.
Anyone sorting by price will not see my items for pages, because many other sellers who charge shipping sell for between $1-2 (sometimes less).
Right now I have a 20% off sale. My minimum is $4.99 so my lowest items are $3.99 incl free s+h.
Search for 'Stockton' in US, California and sort by price the lowest showing is $1.19 BUT has $3.00 s+h.
So it is actually $4.19 which is more than my cheapest item in that search.
Sort by price should include s+h for first item or at least make that an additional option: Sort by total price incl. s+h.


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  • Just a bit of a problem with trying to do that with postcards. That will only work if the buyer is buying a SINGLE postcard. There are too many sellers on here that have either a flat rate shipping per order or free shipping if the order is over a certain dollar amount or by the number of postcards. While you may be the lowest on a single postcard,a person that has a $2 shipping per order and if you both had a buyer for the very same postcards and say they bought 3 from each of you. Your price at the sale price is $11.97 and if the other seller had them at the $1.19 the total for those same 3 postcards from the other seller the total to get them from the other seller would be $5.57 shipped. So which is the actual lowest price on that type of order?
  • I agree it is not perfect, but better than nothing.
    ebay basically does the same.
    And even if you look at the high volume sellers, they have TONS of buyers that buy single items.
  • It was't too bad when most of the sellers had shipping rates of $2-$3 for US shipments but after looking at what a number of them raised their rates,it seems like it would be a good idea to be able to sort that way now. (Some of the larger sellers are now at $5 plus .50 per extra postcard, or $6 to $12 as a base rate) And that was one the reasons why Ebay did it because you had people selling items super cheap on the front end and they were gouging the buyers on the shipping and handling. You can only do that so long before it catches up to you. (They are going o have some very unhappy buyers at those rates)
  • I agree and unfortunately that also led to eBay charging FVF on shipping rates as buyers got around it that way, when they did not charge for that. Almost some rotten apples that spoil it for everybody!
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