international buyers being offered domestic shipping rates .Please help

Recently joined hippostcards , and am liking it very much.I sell on ebay and i synched all my listings from there when i joined.On ebay i have postage rates set for domestic and international shipping ,domestic shipping is £1 on low value cards and £2 on anything worth more, the international shipping is set at £3 for any card valued at up to £10 anywhere in the world, and £8 for any card valued higher, again , anywhere in the world.
My problem is that here, on Hippostcards, some of my cards are showing both the domestic shipping rate , AND the international , and the customer is able apparently to select whichever they want, so obviously they select the lower.
I don't know what it is i have done wrong, this situation does not happen on ebay - international customers only see the international rate - i cant see what to do to stop this problem happening and would be very grateful for any help in resolving this issue.
many thanks


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  • Your best bet is to scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the 'Contact Us' button, and open up a ticket. The staff here is very friendly and helpful, responds quickly, and will be able to help you with what sounds like a technical issue.
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