Can I Sync my eBay ephemera listings here on HipPostcards like you can postcards?

I have 20,000 paper items other than postcards, but see no real way to sync them here like I did with 4,000 postcards. Can this been done? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I only sell on hipstamps but I am sure the same rules here and there....
    So the answer be no, they only import/sync postcard categories here.
    On hipstamp only stamp categories.\
    Makes sense though as nobody on here would want to start seeing beanie babies or whatever other crap people sell.
  • Don,

    Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page. (As there are cats for some of the paper items that they may be able to help you with that.) If you're waiting for a response on the forums it may be a while before they do post on here. (This forum is far more quiet as opposed to the Hipstamp forum.)
  • Martin,

    There is a main cat for ephemera on Hippostcard. (The other stuff can not be listed here but the ephemera can)
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