Seeing both sides of a card

Unlike ebay, it seems most dealers don't display both sides of the card. Why not? Or, do they? Some listings say scroll down to see the reverse side but I never see anything. Is this a technical issue?


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  • Michael, probably when that store was imported the html did not follow through for the description. Contacting the seller and requesting a scan of the back of the card is always an option.

    Several of us do have a scan of both sides listed. Such as my store, check it out! She says with a crooked grin.

  • Thanks! And I'll check out your cards, too!
  • Michael,

    Some of the sellers such as myself had pictures of the back on Bidstart but when the listings got moved to Hippostcard the second pictures did not come over. (Some of the stores do have pictures of the backs on their newer listings but not on their older listings) Most of those sellers will add a picture of the back if you ask them.
  • Thanks. I'm not familiar with Bidstart. I'll have to look at that too.
  • BidStart is no longer in operation. The history: Once upon a lifetime ago Mark started an on-line stamp site where one could sell stamps, postcards, comics and what-not. The site was called StampWants. From SW it turned into BidStart, same platform. Then things really changed and a couple of years later Mark started HipStamp, HipPostcard and HipComics.
  • Thanks for the information. I realized it was no longer around as soon as I posted my comment and went to look up the site.
  • Views of both sides are greatly appreciated. Clicking on an imaginary Description button is frustrating. I like to see the name of the printing company to help make purchasing decisions. Sometimes the names and addresses on used cards are interesting. Thanks to those sellers showing both sides.
  • Just like Luree, I show both sides as well. I also list the name of the publisher and any ID numbers in my descriptions. Informed buyers are happy buyers...

  • I agree is important to see both sides of rhe postcard.
  • Both sides of the card tell a story. We always scan both sides for our store (Attic Heritage Auctions- AHA!). Unfortunately, when we transferred our inventory to hippostcard in 2018 not everything stayed intact. We do have some older listings with only the one scan but will gladly scan the reverse side if requested. These cards were generally ones we purchased from another dealer who retired and sold out their entire store as it was already posted online. Because there are thousands of cards and only my wife and I, we cannot go back and scan the backs of all these at once. Give us a look-- we are also trying to fix the issue of misclassified cards-- this also is a result of the transfer.
  • I collect only postcards that have been through the post.
    Many dealers say the card has been unmailed, which is fine. Too many dealers do not say if the card has been mailed , or not.
    Some dealers say if the card has been through the mails, but show no scan of the address-side.
    I cannot send dozens of requests a day asking for a scan of the address-side of the cards. Thus, the dealer's loss.
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